Friday, November 22, 2013

Hello Kitty Barrette

Nui Nui got a Hello Kitty gift set from a family friend this past week. It included a backpack (which I'll have to post soon), < something else I think >, and a barrette (below).

Normally, Nui Nui doesn't like things in her hair but I think she's slowly (slowly) growing more into the idea of participating in this girly act. She brought the barrette to me (to me) and tried putting it in herself. After a cute attempt, I helped her do it properly and she willingly accepted and sported the kitty. Meow.

Normally, I don't dig the Hello Kitty thing but this is her second gift of it so will just accept it as a fact of #momlife raising a little girl (not complaining :>).

Say Hello in the Comments below, we'd love to hear your meow! :> xoxo

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