Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bed Head Pillow Mama [MOMLIFE]

This was too good for it to be staged. But most of motherhood is, isn't it?

It's early morning and we had just finished a feeding. I had propped her up a little on my pillow in efforts to prevent spit up, which has been occurring a little more frequently recently. I think it's because she's drinking more (in combination with my forgetting to sometimes burp her, though I'm getting better at remembering, I swear :>)

I laid down on the same pillow next to her about half of a foot away but apparently it was a half of a foot TOO far away, so she managed, with her amazing supernewborn powers to wiggle her way a little closer to me. And by closer, I mean her face on mine. I felt like I was breathing on her but she was totally cool with it-- preferred it actually. My eyeball was a stand-in soft, warm pillow for her forehead :>

And this is what our mornings are like sometimes. And these are the best of mornings, and of motherhood. The closeness and bond is like no other. I'm missing these days already but no matter how big my kids are, they will always be this close to my heart. xo

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