Saturday, November 28, 2015

Two Months (+One Day) Morning! [MOMLIFE]

This post is a day late. It's hard to keep up, time is flying with this little one.

Some memories about this past month:

- Her arm/hand coordination is getting better. She loves playing what I call Fist-Punch, where I hold up my fist to her as she's lying down and she lifts her arm/fist to mine. Oftentimes, she initiates the game/activity (with a smile :>). We play this on the changing table most often, which is why changing her diaper has been taking me longer :>

- She's begun to talk a lot more. Most of the sounds she makes sound like 'Hi'. I remember making a video of M on her one month birthday and her making the same sound. I guess it's a baby thing. She loves to talk and interact with us, actively. She's not a particular fan of the bouncer we have but loves not just being held but the eye-to-eye interaction. That said, however, we have begun to be able to hold her on our lap facing out, which is probably more fun for us than her :>

- She's overall a happy baby. She loves to smile and we have especially long sessions in bed in the morning :>  

- She's a decent sleeper at night. I think it's usually my fault if she doesn't sleep well. With the weather changing, I'm still figuring out what's the best clothing/temperature combo that makes her sleep the longest. If she wakes up at 5am, I'm a pretty happy camper.

- Her hair is the first thing people notice and comment on when they see her. I still don't brush it down, if that's possible-- I've honestly never tried to. 

- She had several days where her face was getting pimply but I think, again, that was my fault-- she got too hot/sweaty and I've since been extra careful in not overdressing her. Her face skin has since improved. I've also begun giving her baths daily, too, to help. Giving her a bath, I think, is one of my favorite things to do (if I'm not in a rush) :> I don't have a particular time that I do it, though it's usually not in the morning. 

- Her spitup has gotten a little worse but not anywhere near terrible. Remembering to burp her and keeping her upright can probably prevent it happening most of the time.

- She's getting better at lifting her head at tummy time but could probably do better if we did it more often. Juggling going out and finding a good time to do it when we're at home is the tricky part because when we are at home it can't be too close to a feed on either end-- before or after them.

- Her legs are strong. She loves to stand. We have decently long sessions doing that, especially before a feed.

- Having her has not stopped us from going out. I am still on the mend, not 100% back to normal, but am getting there. I definitely bounced back faster than with M.

- Big Sister M continues to love the baby and is happy she is part of our family :>

More soon! xo

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