Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Xmas Train And Snowflakes Window Decals! [MOMLIFE]

It's beginning to look a lot like xmas...

I know, I know, Thanksgiving is still a week out but this year, for some reason I'm getting antsy to decorate for the holidays. And since I missed fall and that theme of decorations these past few months, I'm trying to go all out for xmas to make up for it.

I picked up a wreath first thing this week along with these window decals. I've seen them used in retail stores and think they can add a lot of playfulness and cheer, and are really easy because as much as I would like to spend time decorating and getting all into the spirit, I'm still very limited on the time I can spend to do such things.

I got both the wreath and decals at Walmart. The wreath was a comparatively good deal and the decals, a steal at 98 cents per sheet-- better than the dollar store :>

What's even more perfect about them this year is Nui Nui's love of peeling off stickers and just putting them on paper. I don't know what it is about doing that, that she loves, but she does it all the time. Looks almost therapeutic for her and, in my mind, it's helping her fine motor skills. This decal activity is the same thing so she really enjoyed doing this. Educationally speaking (because everything ideally has an element of learning :>) it also helped build her skill at following instructions-- on the sheet, there was a layout of how the pieces fit together and she actually followed/imitated it.

Let's be real. Where I live, we don't get snow-- rain is let alone hard to come by. But that won't stop us from having it. I made sure to get a sheet full of snowflakes :> Brrr, baby it's cold outside! (but glad it's not really) :> xo

What decorations do you love for the summer? Share in the Comments below, we'd love to hear! 

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