Friday, November 13, 2015

Four-Year Wellchild Visit [MOMLIFE]

I'm so proud of this brave kid. She had her 4 year wellchild visit this week and did beautifully.

First, her hearing and vision test. She was a little shy with the hearing test but eventually got the hang of it. Then, she nailed the vision test. 

My girl is in the 99%ile for height and, following suit, for weight.

She impressed the doctor by being able to identify/name an otoscope, thanks to Doc McStuffins :>

She then impressed me with not shedding a single tear during her four shots. I know. Only four years old but four shots. I hugged and kissed her beautiful cheeks as they were being administered, and could feel her bravery. I'm sure they hurt, you could tell it in her eyes, but she held her own. In between shots, she looked at me and whispered, 'Am I brave?'

Call me the luckiest mom because I'm completely guilty and you're completely right. xo

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