Sunday, August 4, 2013

22 Months Update! :>

Finally uploaded Nui Nui's 22 month update! :> I'll be doing these monthly updates until she's 2 years old— not far off at all!— and then I'll be spacing them out.

Man, how fast time flies! Seriously, she's just so much fun and has made life a gajillion times more incredible :>

This month has been another one of great development, again, namely in speech. Throughout the month I try to keep mental notes of things I'm going to mention in the monthly-update video but then, of course, by the time I get to it I forget it all. I think the most prominent thing is that we can actually have conversations with her. She also can tell us what she's feeling, which is a huge help in helping her.

In the video, I said I'd like some things she frequently says if I could think of more.
Here's what I have as of this writing:

  • She points out when things are noisy, including the hand dryer in public bathrooms and fire trucks
  • Sometimes, blessed child :>, she points out when she's tired and wants to sleep. She says 'go to bed'.
  • She always wants to use Pau Pau's bathroom and for Pau Pau to take her. She says, 'Pau Pau's bathroom. Pau Pau take you.' She still has difficulty distinguishing between you and me because we always refer to her as 'you' and she does the same.
  • She says 'my turn', 'me first', and has recently been saying 'I want this' when we are out shopping.
  • She can say 'earn a sticker', which is equivalent to successfully using the bathroom :>
  • She can say 'peanut butter' and 'hot dog', which is hilarious. She eats neither of those things but... well, let's just keep it as that... :>
  • She sometimes says 'do dishes' and 'get mail'
  • She knows how to say/identify McDonalds (in Chinese), Starbucks, Trader Joes, Safeway, and Kohls; and 'put on makeup' and 'do lipstick'... kind of embarrassing :>

She can say more but it's too much to list/remember. Conversations. Conversations! It's exciting and fun and... where did my little baby go :>

Here's the video! Thanks for reading and watching!

What fun have YOU been up to this month? Share below or Instagram or Tweet us, we'd love to hear! xoxo

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