Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Second New School Playdate! :>

We had our second playdate at our new school and Nui Nui continued to do stellar. She recognized the building and knew she was about to embark on a sandbox adventure. The kids in her class were just starting to have snack and she was antsy to go outside. She tried to amuse herself with a snack and then finally ran out the back door the second it was let open for outside playtime.

The kids were hilarious, initially running back and forth with these stroller/shopping cart toys. I would have never thought a shopping cart would be a good toy but it has proven me wrong to being an excellent one. You should have seen these kid run, Forest, run.

Then it was onto shooting hoops and balls, the coveted sandbox (see below— Nui Nui gathered a posse :>), riding toys, and the most perfect-sized playground playset— high enough that the slide is worth climbing for, low enough to keep Momma standing afar at ease :>

Dr. M.

The Goonies.

Look at those pants!

The black mustang of toddlers.

Beware the po po...

On Instagram! :>

The slide! :>

We were there for a good two hours and I could see Nui Nui loved every minute of it. I'm loving these new-school playdates and loving even more that she'll be attending there in just a few weeks!

On our way out, Nui Nui successfully said goodbye to many of the people there, which is a great sign that she is in a comfort zone. Then, as she exited the building and climbed into the car parked right in front, she turned around and waved goodbye to the building and said, 'Bye New Friends!'. Suddenly, my heart just melted...

Check out the full album! :>

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  1. awww so excited for m to start her new school!! well miss you both at KC but well see you on the weekends!! xoxo


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