Monday, August 12, 2013

What Does It Take To Be A Great Dad?

I was reading Daniel Odio's blog— he writes all sorts of cool stuff about tech— and one of his posts was titled, 'What Does It Take To Be a Great Dad?'. Don't you love how, no matter what the topic, parenthood is unavoidably shared? :> More and more, it sometimes seems, for example, Facebook is becoming FamilyBook. It's quite lovely. Parenthood is awesome and we could always use a little more rainbow. Seeing all the brand new faces (literally) and being able to watch them grow up no matter where you (or they) are, social media is a blessing aside from the little blessings themselves :>.

Anyway, in response to Daniel's question: 'Anyone have advice how how to be a great dad?', I responded with this:
Parenthood is the best and will make you into an even greater version of yourself than you could have ever imagined :>

I've never been a dad but as a mom and daughter, I share this:
  1. Be there. Money is important but time spent together is priceless (and you can never get it back).
  2. Smile often. You are the most influential role model for your kid(s). When you smile, they smile. And isn't that the goal-- for them to be happy? [Rhetorical question]. Yes. ...Cheese! :>
  3. Love unconditionally. Love is so powerful and can get you/them through nearly anything. Anything.
Cheers, to you and your wife! #bestadventureever!

Here's a woman who embodies these things and a girl who is lucky to be cared by her :> #warriors

I and Daniel's readers aren't the only ones who have opinions, though. What do YOU think? What makes a dad great? Share below or Tweet/Instagram us, we'd love to hear! :> xoxo

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