Wednesday, August 14, 2013

H&M Online Store Finally Open To US!

I was excited to find out first thing this morning that H&M has finally opened its web doors to fashion-hungry Americans. I thought it was odd, too. Why would such a popular store targeting the younger/middle-aged crowd— aka. web-savvy shoppers— want to limit their sales to just brick-and-mortar? Online clothing retail, though, is apparently more complicated than meets the eye, having to juggle inventory with the American way of buying, or, extra-loose practice of returns, amongst others.

But, no worries. I'm sure they'll do just fine and figure it out (not to mention earn generous profit from their 21th century endeavors :>). I'm excited to check out what pieces they have to offer that aren't available in stores. ...There goes my morning... :>

Here are some gems we covet... :>

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Hurry now, American readers, Free Shipping ends today! :>

Affordable fashion— what's not to love? :> Where do you like to shop for threads? Share below, we'd love to hear! :> :>

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