Saturday, September 20, 2014

Party City On Steroids!

We've been scoping out different party stores recently— an industry I've never really tapped into— in anticipation of Nui Nui's birthday, and this one, by far, blew me away. It was a huge mashup of a party store, halloween store, old school/'today school' toy and candy store. It was crazy.

Look at the Thomas train track that ran through a good portion of the game section and led you right to the back where they had all these Thomas toys and even a train track table! ( know you're a mom when you get excited about a Thomas train track table...) Actually, now that I recall, they didn't just have a table but *like* 10 trains to play with. It was cray. Cray.

I even got to play Simon while I waited for Nui Nui to finish playing in the Thomas section. (She never finished though, I had to tell her I was leaving :>)

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