Sunday, September 21, 2014

This Is The Closest We've Found To East Coast Pizza On The West Coast (To Date)! [FOOD]

When I was pregnant, one of our favorite places to go was this pizza joint in a strip mall. Mom and I would order the white pizza with tomato, spinach, and ricotta. The crust was thin and, when reheated, was fully crisp from crust to tip. It was so good.

Well, Nui Nui and I tried out this place last weekend at random. We had gone to Jamba Juice because we had an expiring coupon for a free drink and when I asked Nui Nui what she wanted for lunch, she shouted pizza. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I did see a pizza place driving into the complex and, sure enough, the pizza joint was right next door.

Rating? Decent. The bottom half's crust was limp/kind of soggy but the upper half was crisp and passed the non-droop test. The price, however, was ridiculous. A plain slice is $3.75! My 'gourmet' slice was $4.25. Maybe I should've expected it though. The folks next door were paying $6+ for a cup of juice/smoothies.

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