Sunday, September 21, 2014

Waiting Without Entertainment, Nothing But Rainbow!

Friday night helped me realize how mature Nui Nui has become :>

We ventured to try this new restaurant near her school. Since moving, we left behind our favorite neighborhood one but a new location conveniently popped up near her school. We've been anticipating its opening all summer and finally made it a point to go after school. Date night!

The wait was ridiculous. We got there at 6pm, which I thought was early but were put on a 40-min. waiting list. I asked Nui Nui if she wanted to wait or go somewhere else; she was insistent on waiting. Apparently, she's been really wanting to try it, too, since its opening a few weeks ago. So, together, we waited. No game apps on my phone, no internet in the area, no toys to keep distracted. Just us. And a bunch of other people waiting (none her age). And surprisingly, even despite being woken at 6:30am in the morning and a full week of school, we waited without tantrum. Nothing but rainbow, actually :>

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