Monday, September 29, 2014

Opening Presents On Her Birthday! - Three!

In some of these pics, she looks like she's in pain but, really, I was asking her to smile big :>

It was late at night by the time we got home and showered on the actual day of Nui Nui's third birthday. But after a refreshing shower, she was re-energized and ready to open her gifts. So funny because on the way home, she said she'd open them tomorrow because she was tired and silly me thought, How mature of her.

I still think she's really mature. Just goes to show the power of home :>

Anyway, this year, I made it a point for no one but us to get Nui Nui gifts. Gift-giving weirds me out. It's ok for me to get her stuff, I just don't want other people to feel obligated to because I know it's hard to make a buck these days and keep it. Also, I'm a big believer that it's not stuff that makes you happy in life, it's the people in it who do.

We kept it pretty simple but Nui Nui was really happy. Her biggest want this year was Buzz Lightyear, which she got from Grandpa. I got her a non-traditional russian doll. Mom still has yet to get her something. And we got her other little odds and ends. I still want to make her Toy Story and Frozen superhero tops that I have yet to do. Maybe we'll try to do a birthday haul together. That would be a fun video for us to make together :> xo

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