Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Painting With Apples!

Teacher's daily update:

Happy Wednesday!!

We had a wonderful circle time this morning! After our usual songs we talked about the stages of growing for a pumpkin, or a life cycle! Using pictures we put the pumpkin life cycle in order! We learned pumpkins start as seeds, then become vines/flowers, and then become a green pumpkin! Green pumpkins are not ripe, or ready, to be picked yet so we wait! Then when the pumpkin turns orange we can take it off the vine and bring it home and eventually turn it into a jack o' lantern for Halloween! We then read a story about Autumn while talking about our new season :)

We then enjoyed centers and outdoor free play :) for art we used half of an apple to paint with! We stamped and "dragged" the apple to fill in our own paper apples with red paint :) we also did some math and small motor work with our 3 Apples worksheet! We pasted three apples to our tree and then, with a Teachers help, traced the number 3!

After nap we enjoyed Mr potato head or reading books! Then for afternoon circle Since We had a fire drill at school today, (that we all did fantastic at! Go Papillon!!), we decided to talk a little bit about fire safety! We listened to a song about fire safety and talked about what we do when there a fire, especially at school! Friends pointed out great tips such as telling a teacher, not to go near the fire, to leave everything behind (even lovies and shoes!!!) and go outside, to follow directions and use your listening ears! This is a great topic to continue talking about at home!! Please make sure you have your own safety plan for home! :)

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