Monday, October 6, 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Charcoal Zebra-Print Dress! [FASHION]

Perhaps the next best thing after black leggings are dresses. You don't have to coordinate and, especially in the heat, they keep you cool. I realize we're well underway into October but, where I live, we're finally getting our summer or, perhaps, a bonus indian summer. The weather has been in the 90s, last week even reaching 100 degF. I love the hot weather and am soaking it up (without too much sun).

I bought this dress when I was pregnant. Mym how time flies, huh? :>

This dress is from Walmart. When Mom saw me wearing it, she mentioned what a good deal this dress was. I went to Walmart yesterday and was actually surprised as I actually browsed some of their clothing (I rarely go into the section). Some of it is actually not bad— like their stretch jeggings— a very decent selection— and some of it is kind of fun— like their superhero tees with capes. I bought a pair of joggers there yesterday, saving about about 30-40% or more compared to Forever 21 or H&M. Hopefully I'll do a post with those soon. Stay tuned! xoxo

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