Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bunless Cheeseburger Over Baby Lettuce Salad Topped With Peanuts + Side Of Lemon Vinaigrette [FOOD+HEALTHYBUTJUICY+NUTRITION]

If you're looking to maybe eat a little healthier or perhaps lose weight, and love burgers, this might be a perfect dish for you. This burger cuts down on the calories by eliminating the bun, is packed full of protein to help keep you full along, fat to keep you satisfied, veggies for fiber and micronutrients (aka. vitamins/minerals), and a whole lot of flavor from all of the above.

Even more, split this with a friend or your date, and you've cut the calories in half.

I'm not personally trying to lose weight but hopefully these are some helpful tips when eating out if you are. I typically don't eat the buns of burgers, so this plate was clean by the time we were finished with it— no food wasted— and I heart my carbs elsewhere :>

There's another healthy eating tip for you: prioritize your consumption. Don't deprive yourself of anything completely, just try to figure out where you can cut back, NOT ELIMINATE, one or more categories that are adding up your caloric intake.

If you have any questions or other helpful tips, share them in the Comments below! :> xoxo

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