Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Career Path And Earning Potential Of Today's Generation [TECH+CAREER+LIFE]

The earning potential of gamers was revealed in a recent Mashable article, Gaming to Pay the Rent, but it's not really a surprise given what some YouTubers can and do make now.

It's an exciting time for young people. The job market and career paths are expanding. Young people are becoming entrepreneurs and no longer needing to wait or hope someone will choose them. Rather, they have the power to become their own star or CEO, taking unconventional roles, doing what they love, and turning their passions into careers.

Technology has opened the doors and is allowing those who want it to live the dream:

Do what you love and never work another day in your life. Source

Maybe that's why millennials are so misunderstood, often labelled as lazy, entitled, and lacking a strong work ethic. But it's not that. Young people today are empowered, raised in an era where technology is historically at its peak and only continues to advance, making them the most technologically savvy of any other generation.

Young people have been taught the same ideology as any of their older generations have but the difference to note is that they are at a slight advantage because they have the access, tools, and networks at their disposal to facilitate the process of building and actualizing their dreams.

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