Saturday, October 4, 2014

Toddler's Three Years Old Well-Child Doctor's Visit! [VIDEO]

We didn't prep her before going into this doctor's visit. Big mistake— always be open, honest, and forthright with your kids. Given their short lives and minimal experience, they appreciate knowing what they can expect, especially in potentially painful experiences like visiting a doctor's office (and getting shot).

Wary in the beginning, as the nurses to tried to take her vitals, and perform a hearing and vision test, we got around the former but there was no way we could get Nui Nui to take the vision and hearing test. I asked the nurses if that was 'bad', not that I was really concerned about either and annoyingly tending toward pleasing anyway. They said they would just have to write in her chart that patient refused to cooperate. Way to start her testing career, I thought... There are worse things.

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