Friday, September 6, 2013

Marshall's Back-To-School Educational Books/Toys! Infant/Toddler Edition

Back-to-school is well underway and so I thought I'd share a few cool (educational!) items I saw at Marshalls the other day. Two of them have proven to be fun, as we already have. If you're a parent, are you like me? I'm always on the lookout for educational goodies, even scoping out the stuff that my kid has already outgrown.

One thing I love about Marshalls (aside from the shoes :>) is the discounted books and toys. We gotten a few gems in the past so I always scope out the merch when I'm there. Check out this book rack! In all my times shopping there, I've never seen it so packed!

So the first thing I stumbled upon was this shapes barn.

We have the basic Fisher Price version and love it. Nui Nui's mastered the shapes but still plays with the pieces. For a couple of dollars more, I think the animals, letters, and swinging-door barn are worth it :>

Next I stumbled upon were these alphabet foam puzzle pieces, which we also have and got from Marshalls.

Nui Nui really used these letter pieces as she was learning the alphabet. They're perfect because they are small and handle-able by their little hands, have a relevant picture associated with each letter, and can be built into a little cube or pieced together. For less than $5, this is a steal.

Last, but definitely not least, is another alphabet-learning item, which, again, Nui Nui loves and got from Marshalls.

This book comes with magnetic letters, which can be matched and magnetized in the book. This really helps not only with letter recognition and word association but with alphabet sequence as well.

The only cons about this book is that magnetization of the pieces onto the pages is not that great and, with 26 letters afloat, it's easy to lose a piece or two. Nui Nui's 'N' fell down the toilet and it took a couple of weeks for her to get over it :< :>

As I mentioned, I'm always on the lookout for educational toys and books. If you have any suggestions, please share them in Comments below or Tweet/Instagram us, we'd love to hear! :> :> xoxo

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