Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Baby's First Set Of Official Pajamas!

It's true. My mom has been nagging me about getting Nui Nui a real pair of pajamas for a while now...

But, see, the beauty about newborn/infant/toddler clothes is that they are made to be exactly how ALL clothes should be— comfortable, stretchy, and uber soft. So, when it comes to my daughter's clothes, to me, there is no real line between pajamas and daytime clothes— they're interchangeable and all the same. One less outfit change, one less hassle. And then, thinking back to the newborn era, night and day didn't even exist. Sleep little, change, feed, sleep little, change, feed...

Regardless, to stop the nagging and introduce my daughter to social norms, I bought her this dual set of pajamas in preparation of her 2nd birthday. My baby is turning two! ...and I bought her a size 4T :>

Honestly, though, I think my daughter could totally pull either of these pajama sets off during sunlit hours and get compliments. They have a whole life of uncomfortable apparel ahead of them, why rush? Social experiment, anyone? :>

But, seriously, is there anyone out there who hasn't bought their kid(s) actual/marketed pajamas? Share below your fashion savvy, or Tweet/Instagram us your sleepy outfits, we'd love to see them! :> :> xoxo.

O, and in case you're wondering, I got this 4-piece pajama set at Target. Looks like they're on sale online for both Girls and Boys. :> xo

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