Friday, September 20, 2013

Nui Nui's 2 Year Well-Child Visit! :>

Nui Nui had her 2-year well-child visit yesterday and did really well. We avoided any and all tears. It helped that she didn't need any shots :> In fact, the doctor said she's all up-to-date and won't need any until she's 4. FOUR! (That doesn't include flu shots, which I am all for and we'll be doing next month...).

Nui Nui is doing really well (as if I needed to go to the doctor's office to know that :>). She's 3 feet tall and weighs 28.9 pounds, putting her in the 100th percentile for height (and head circumference) and 85%ile for weight. Nobody is taller than her, I told her :>

The doctor said she might be drinking too much milk so we'll see how we can maybe reduce it but I'm not too concerned and it won't be restrictive. I mean, she is a pretty tall kid so I don't think a little more would hurt. It's not like she's drinking soda or excessive amounts of juice.

As for word count, the doctor asked us if she knows 20 words...

As for phrases— can she put a few words together?... She has to say: 'I would like XYZ please.', if she's going to get anything from me :>

I filmed our visit and it honestly felt good to edit. Amongst the projects I'm working on, I must get back up and running. I'd be crazy not to. [...that was just a mental affirmation for myself... :>].

Enjoy and, as always, thanks for reading and watching! :>

In the meanwhile, I'm working on planning for Nui Nui's birthday. We've gotten her a lot of stuff already :> (haul to come? :>) and now it's celebrating with friends and family. Cake! Has been ordered! :>

How was your last doctor's visit?

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