Friday, September 20, 2013

Wednesday Hits At School

So Wednesday was a little less uplifting than Monday at Nui Nui's school. I continue to forget to do all the things I'm supposed to in our new environment. For starters, I brought Nui Nui to school in underwear and a diaper over but forgot to take the diaper off, as I was asked. I remembered but it was about 1-2 hours after I dropped her off and was at work.

Upon picking her up, the first thing I did, after signing her out, was read her daily notes. They noted my negligence in forgetting to take off her morning diaper and the fact that I still had not brought in a family photo for a project. I brought it in but it was in the afternoon and too late— they had done the project that day.

It proceeded by learning that Nui Nui didn't avoid the principal's office during nap time and had 4 accidents in the morning. WTF, was the feeling, and, in the end, it was discussed that Nui Nui is not ready for potty training. Sure enough, that evening, she told my dad she had to go to the bathroom. As much as she is not ready, I think that bringing her to the bathroom with the other kids helps, just as sitting at a table of other kids using sippy cups did. I'm not arguing though.

I'll be writing more in depth about potty training, this experience, and parenting in a future post. Until then, here's what Nui Nui did/learned on Wednesday and her notes. Below is also a pic I pulled from this week's Prezi. The caption was 'Learning to put tushies on the wall'.

TGIF, huh? We'll be busy this weekend with a school picnic on Sunday, birthday party that night, and planning til then. What plans do you have this weekend?

Share below, we'd love to hear! :> xoxo

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