Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Big Girls Take Showers :>

Nui Nui took her second shower today. Babe is growing up!

Baths are another one of those things— once you get used to and master how to do something, they grow and develop and move onto the next step-up way to do it. Not complaining, however. Though I still need to develop our routine, this is the cleaniest means to get her clean.

#sobigsofast!! I can't get over it. She's getting to be so mature in so many ways. Language especially! She easily, now, repeats what we say— two, even three, syllables words.

Today, she's finally bringing back her kissing skills. Funny, she used to give up wet ones before but then it became forehead-to-forehead. Now we're finally getting closer to kisses on the cheek. Love it. LOVE HER!

Mom let us borrow her little shower seat because it kind of got wet when Nui Nui just held onto the tub's outward-facing side. This worked a little better. Once I master our showering techniques, will be sure to share if interested :>

As for shower, Nui Nui has no trouble saying it. Comes out like: showwwwwwwwwwwww-werrrrrrrrr! :> :>

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