Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Hollerdays! (2012 Edition)

Nui Nui doesn't cry that much. I mean, really cry. I mean, she cries out, obviously, like when she needs us (ie. when she wakes up in the morning and needs to feel safe) but that's just a means to call us. Cry out, not cry cry. She cries when I drop her off in daycare but that's, again, need (to feel safe).

Other times Nui Nui 'cries'...? When she doesn't want to go to the bathroom— because it's boring or she doesn't have to go or she already went to the bathroom... in her diaper (and back to the first reason)— cry out. When she gets hurt— cry for reason. When she wants something— cry out.

Tears are rare but I caught them recently when I gave her, her first couple of showers. It might have been because I put the water too hot [oops! still figuring out showering] or because she's scared or because of both. [I realize it's probably the former, though, because once I cooled down the water and she realized it wasn't so hot, she eased up].

Crying when she was a baby baby was easy to catch— from womb to dry air can be pretty stressful— so last year's pic was easier to capture. Nevertheless, here we have Nui Nui in all her glory.

Wow, another year gone by. We were on the east coast this time last year. Snow, frigit cold, fleece abounding, Alice EE's house, floppy Nui Nui... Nui Nui could barely hold up her own head! And look at those teeth!!! They grow up fast. Broken record, I know, but it's true. And speaking of baby, it's so funny to hear people refer to Nui Nui as Baby. Yes, she will always be my baby baby but... baby?? She isn't a baby! She's a toddler, a big girl! She's taking showers no for goodness sake! :> :> lmfao.

Happy Hollerdays, loves! Wishing you and your loved ones all the love!

Share your holiday pics in the comments below! We'd love to hear about and see them!

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