Monday, December 17, 2012

Nui Nui Conoce Tio Gardo

We met up with Tio Gardo, who was asking and looking forward to meeting Nui Nui :> He's been traveling a bunch these past number of weeks for work. It's amazing to hear the number of places he's been in such as short timespan. The sum supersedes all the places I've been in the past decades combined probably. Sigh, as you might guess, I'm not the traveler. ...but I sure can use a vacation :>

The weather was crummy all weekend. I sadly skipped an early breakfast with momma-friends but counted my stars for getting to sleep in til 9am. Nui Nui treats me really well sometimes :>

We went to La Boulange, one of my favorite places. Bummed that they ran out of french toast, so I shared a chicken bacon melt with Nui Nui instead. Nui Nui was not shy, very friendly, and in a good mood. It's funny, as a parent, I think I get self-conscious of my child's behavior/mood/attitude etc., as it is a reflection of my parenting. And, well, it is. And it isn't. Do any of you out there feel the same?

Love like mad. #mantra. It's the best you and I can do.

Here we are! In the misty rain, smiles and all :>

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