Monday, December 10, 2012

Lasik Sunglasses & A Berry Glazed Donut Bagel!

I went for a free consultation for Lasik. Yeah, I'm still debating whether I should go through with it. The fence has a nice view from here.

The appointment consisted of dialating my eyes. They gave me these funky cool 'glasses' without stems. They came rolled up and stayed on my face my 'pinching'. Really cool idea/invention I must say.

Thereafter we went to Noah's bagels. I wish they still had the Pumpkin Walnut Crunch bagels because those were amazing but lasted for only a short period of time. Now the seasonal flavor is Berry Crunch. I decided to try it because, hey, limited time, right?

What did look like? A mess. What did it taste like? A decadent blueberry glazed donut. Is this what's causing my high LDL?

Nah! :>


  1. OOh MM that looks delish!!! Those glasses are just adorable!! :)


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