Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All American Girl In The Sand!

Ok ok. I admit it. I'm a babeaholic. I took a bunch of pics of Nui Nui this past Sunday— when I took her to the park... [70degF in December!]— and can't decide which to post so I'll be posting most of them— mind you, this is not ALL of them! :>

Nui Nui is wearing a really nice, thick-materialed onsie that states: My Heart Belongs To Mommy. Ok ok, I admit again, it's vice versa but whatevs.

I then put her in a really nice pair of blue striped pants that have subtle bows on the ankles. I was in a rush and asked Pau Pau to get a sweater for her and she chose this red- and white-striped number. Pau Pau was in fact the one that picked it out in the store. H&M in case you're wondering— both the sweater and pants. Really nice quality, really stylish. I was skeptical of what Pau Pau might have picked but I love it.

Bam! [Stamped!] Approved! :>

Pau Pau was insulted by my doubts but just another thing to laugh about. :>

And here we are. Nui Nui rode the swings, crawled through the tunnel, climbed up and slid down the slide, steered a wheel, looked through a wooden car, and watched the other kids. The park: it's always a good time! uh o uh o ohhhh, always a good time.... Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!

Eat this! ...[Tommy Hilfiger ain't got nothin'!]... :>

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