Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Birthday To Good Friends!

I feel like I'm getting the DIY bug.

Two of my friends share a birthday today. Last year, I made one of them a video. [As for the other, I hadn't met her yet :>]

I like birthdays. I don't know why. In part, I think it's *like* the one day of the year that's yours. And it's the day of the year that your loved ones get to celebrate you. Perhaps it's a little self-centered but whatever, who cares, you do matter! . . . [not that I tend to celebrate mine myself... but I'm working on it! :>]

Anywho, so I try to at least recognize peoples' birthdays. If not with a card, at least a well-wish. Typically I pull something from the internet that I try to tie, or make relevant (in some way) to the person. I haven't had a whole lot of time lately. Nui Nui hasn't been sleeping well, I've been working a bit of overtime, and well, I guess I'm just out of shape. So I'm trying to find images to no avail. Best, I thought after a few minutes, to pull one of my own. And, well, here you have it. I can't find anything that'll make your ass twitch more :> [ref. French Kiss]

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