Monday, December 10, 2012

Supper Club Does 31st Union!

Last week was a handful. By weekend I was exhausted. Weekend? What weekend? Yeah, run over by a truck exhausted to the bone.

But the slew of hits started with a lovely, delicious bang. The Supper Club continues! Bwah ha ha! (?) (:>) And I love it. This is what life is all about— gud friends, gud laughs (and banter :> *wink*), and gud babes that are the love of your life to share in the gud times!

Delicacies included: Salami, cheese, baconed brussel sprouts, more cheese! (grilled between bread :>), spicy wings, fish & chips, ice cream sammies, bread pudding, lost and found baby bottle cap :> The latter, I must say, was the sweetest :>

The Nom Nom.

The No Mom No Mom Mom Nom.

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