Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Oink Oink Xmas 2012!

We spent last night, Xmas Eve, at Auntie Pat's house and had a good time. Lots of noise, food, sips, laughs, and presents :>

By today, Xmas Day, I was exhausted and looking forward to some rest. Nui Nui again! treated me well by letting me sleep in til 9:24am. She was just standing there in her crib quietly waiting. I could've slept longer had I not heard her... now that I think about it, how to you hear someone standing?... I probably had a enough sleep :>

Anyway.. despite thinking I'd have a lazy day in, my day in was not so lazy. As I write this I'm proud I accomplished everything I set out to do this weekend but am sore-achy-tired than desirable.
  • Did I install Nui Nui's new, bigger car seat? Check.
  • Did I assemble Nui Nui's art easel she got from Santa? Check.
  • Did I lower Nui Nui's crib to the last notch because she's too tall for the middle slat? Check.
  • Did I enjoy watching Nui Nui grow and develop at lightning speed this past year? Check.
  • Did I love Nui Nui to pieces and intend to keep doing so in the future? Check.

Should I write future blog posts strictly in Q&A form? [Comment below! :>]

Anywho, by the time I finished all the above, I was tired and hungry. Mom was amazing as usual and cooked us a special treat that hit the spot and topped Xmas off with a bang! Baby back spare ribs! Nom nom! #bestmomever

What did you eat this Xmas [or past two days :>]?

Comment below! We'd love to hear!

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