Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Discovery Sunday Adventure! :>

Is the weekend really already over? :>

It was a good, fun-filled, busy weekend. Dinner in SF with J on Saturday, which I still have to post about. Then BADM with the boyfriends and momma friends on Sunday. To top it off, I even went to hot yoga tonight after all of this. My body will let me know how out of shape I'm in tomorrow I guess :>

It's still only March but today was a perfect day to go to the Discovery Museum. Blue skies and jacketless temps :> As I think is mostly (if not always) the case, our second visit was funner than the first— a) Nui Nui knows how to walk/run around and b) had friends to play with :>

In the meanwhile, I'm also trying to figure out storage space for my media and will be trying out a new system... Comment below if you notice a difference and if it's better or worse. As a mom, I have a very difficult time picking and choosing from the pics I take and thought maybe a slideshow would be a nice workaround, amongst others.

Our Discovery Sunday Adventure! Check it out! :>


What fun did you fill this weekend with? Share below, we'd love to hear!

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