Friday, March 29, 2013

Nui Nui's 18 Month Well-Child Visit! :>

Nui Nui went to her 18 month well-child visit yesterday. Everything went well— never seen a more healthier kid :>

Weight - 86%ile
Height - 94%ile
Head Circumference - 88%ile

We still have a big baby :>

After the doctor went over her growth chart, she then asked us a series of questions about Nui Nui's growth and development. It was interesting. These were the questions I could remember...

  • She's probably running by now, right?
  • Does she play pretend? Imitate things you might do?
  • Is she aware of what's going on?
  • Can she respond to simple commands?
  • Does she know how to say at least 10 words?
  • Can she say 2 or 3 words together?Does she brush her teeth every day?
  • Does she play with other kids?
  • Does she eat vegetables?
  • Can she throw a ball?
  • Does she point to body parts?
  • Does she use a fork or a spoon?
  • Does she sleep well?
  • Does she draw with crayons?

The question that 'shocked' me the most [or one I thought was the funniest...] was: Does she know how to say at least 10 words?

Ten words?! She's been able to identify probably about 10 of her stuffed animal friends since she was one (or earlier!) :> That's something I would have never thought of and am glad to have Mom in Nui Nui's life. It was Mom's natural :> idea to name her stuffed animals and she comes up with the greatest names... :> :>

Nui Nui's recent vocabulary has definitely been putting two words and three syllables together: See you, love you, thank you, carry you [she really means 'carry me' but hears me say 'Do you want me to carry you? :>], sit here [when she demands I be somewhere :>], momma love, I want, give me...

conditioner [sounds like condinana], ladybug [sounds like laybugbug], heavy [it's only a two-syllable word but she said it randomly today.. remembering it's what I say when I pick her up :>], aquaphor [she's known this for a while because we've been using it for so long], banana [sounds like manana], Cheerio, Alpha Bit [sounds like alpha beh], stoller [sounds like strorer]...

Even a few days ago, with me helping her with 8, she counted to 10! When she wants, she can say the alphabet and mumble/sing the end part of the song too :>

What's fun now, like this morning and like when Mom told me a story about this week when she woke up from a nap... she doesn't cry or anything. She either says 'Momma'— calling for me— or, more recently, says 'Hi!' Sleep does a child so good and she's happy as a button when she wakes up and ready to greet both you and the day :>

Anywho, I tried looking up some general milestones/questions doctors look for at 18-month well-child visits and thought this was an interesting read amongst others, in case you're interested...

I guess there were a set of these kinds of questions at the 1 year mark but a) I forgot or maybe didn't realize what they were and/or b) probably had more questions for her than she had for me :> Must be a good sign, I think. ...getting this parenting thing semi-down :> :>

Currently, these are some of the things I'm working on with her and some things I have in mind...
  • Identifying colors correctly
  • Identifying left vs. right
  • Yes, please. No, thank you.
  • Solidifying the ABC song
  • Counting to 20
  • Playing the ABC/Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song on the piano
  • Saying the days of the week and month
  • Telling me 'poo' before she has to go, not after :>
  • Reading words— I spell LEGO for her all the time, amongst a few others. Now I plan on putting post-its up all over the house on objects... we'll see how long the post-its last.
  • How to read a clock? I was thinking about this today— about the hand ones— but thought digital might make more sense...
  • ...

Anywho... it's late and I'm getting old... well, we have 6 months til our next well-visit and a lot of time to meet at least some of our goals :> :>

In the meanwhile, here's what some of our 18 month well-visit day looked like :> Enjoy and thanks for reading and watching!

What goals have you set for yourself or little one these next few months? Share below, we'd love to hear!

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