Monday, March 18, 2013

Contigo Con J! :>

Still tasting this past weekend... :>

It's been too long since I've seen my local! dear sister. So I hit her up and on a date we went the following week— with a calendar appointment and ressie no less! :> I don't know why I think that's funny. It's actually really useful. Usually it's wrinkles, but is this my sign of aging? :> :>

We had dinner in SF at a place called Contigo— Spanish and Catalan in Noe Valley. From scratch, local, organic, pricey yet tasty. Everything was delicious, including the wine.

Our menu of what we tasted and sipped, and some lingering thoughts...
  • Seared cana de cabra goat cheese, wild arugula, winter citrus, toasted hazelnuts, fennel and px vinagreta
  • This was delish. I'm a so so fan of goat cheese. Sometimes I like it, sometimes it's a little too goaty for me. But this was smooth, thick, and not so pungent. Paired with the citrus and hazelnuts... arugula, fennel, and vinagreta :>... it was a perfect mix of flavors and textures.

  • Wild mushroom torrada (toast), bellwether sheep ricotta, pickled shallots and baby kale salad
  • This was also delish and makes me wonder why I can't make ricotta or eat it at home because if it tasted this good, I would :>

  • Albondigas - Pork and jamon meatballs in tomato sherry sauce
  • This tasted pretty much exactly as I would have expected. The sauce was very flavorful and perfect for spooning onto good rustic bread :>

  • Moorish Lamb Tagine, Medjool dates, ginger, saffrom, toasted almonds, baby turnips and couscous
  • I think this might have been J's favorite. I think the top three were mine but this was still good. After savoring that recent rack of lamb, I don't know if anyone can beat Mom at lamb :>

  • Garnatxa blend, Priorat, Alvaro Palacios, "Camins", 2011
  • I love me a full bodied, smooth red wine and this was exactly that :> Lucky for me, J is flex on color :>

My girl :> double e babelicious :> :>

Nibble on any good local food lately? Share below, we'd love to hear! :>

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