Friday, March 1, 2013

First School Pictures!! :>

Nui Nui was feeling better— yay!— that was decently quick, considering a 102degF fever... so I took her to school yesterday. I think she did well. The staff was overall friendly— everyone except her actual teacher— but she got to spend the second half of the day with another teacher. But overall, she came home happy. Dehydrated and hungry but in good spirits.

We also picked up Nui Nui's school picture samples! :> It's funny. We actually kind of lucked out with these. Well, not in terms of the pics themselves but the timing, yes. Nui Nui usually goes to school on Monday but I had to switch her day last week because of Presidents' Day, so she went in on a Tuesday, which is when the photographer happened to be scheduled. Go figure.

I didn't end up dressing her up though. Same old clothes I usually dress her in when she goes there, the kind that she can get mashed potato, paint, poop, whatever all over :>

I wish I was there to have seen them take it. She looked... well, not happy.. but I'm impressed with the fact that they got her to sit there and still and look in the direction of camera without crying. Props for them on that point. If I were to ever professionally get her photos done, though, it'd have to be like a place like this. Or, I just need to invest in a better camera and learning how to take pics :>

Anywho... So I'm debating whether I should shell out the money for these pricey pics as a keepsake memory or bypass them and be satisfied with the ones I take... Comment below what you think! :>

Should I keep them or not? If yes, which ones?? Tweet me your response @mdesenna! :> :>

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