Thursday, March 14, 2013

SF. Sistah Friend :>

Friends are really nice :>

More often than not, probably, if we have difficult people in our life we have the tendency to give them more of our time, thought, and energy. UGH! How much so-and-so bugs the crap out of me!...

Yes, there are those people. And yes, they are ridiculous. But, there are also wonderful people in our life as well. Or, there should be. Human basic essentials include food, shelter, and clothing. Those are our material needs. But our essentials also include respect, acceptance, and love. Without these, who or what are we? ...Miserable, probably. Angry birds. Grumps. Moodies. People who other people don't want to be around.

Today, I inadvertently chatted a friend that I tend to think people are generally mad at me, it's how I was raised. I'm a pessimist by blood and wrong on most (if not all) counts. And it's a daily fight to think and do otherwise. I will look on the bright side— because there has to be one. Has. To. Be. And I deserve the above-mentioned essentials like everyone else. And so, in my daily fight, I daily recognize and appreciate those around me who help me in battle. Best mom ever. Now, gud friends :>

Who are the people in your life that remind you of how special you really are? Share below, we'd love to hear (and friend them too:>) :>

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