Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Little Strong Feet Starting To Sing Songs! :>

When I was giving Nui Nui a shower today, I began to sing the ABC song to her. I know she can say up to 'E' and wanted to practice that with her. What we ended up doing for the rest of the song was alternating taking turns singing a letter. She would sing a letter, I would sing the next, and she the next. We made it to 'Z'. I sang the end chorus... 'Now I know my ABCs next time won't you sing with...' and she concluded with a 'me' :> :>

She knows the whole alphabet in her head and can sing some sequences aloud. It's whether she wants to or not if she actually does. She is amazing and makes me think I really don't need the wooden puzzle to help her learn the sequence.

Later tonight, Nui Nui pulled out her row boat, consisting of a paper towel roll and triangle stapled to it (from school), and I stated slowly singing Row Your Boat to her. She began to sing along. Sing along!! She knows the first and third lines— 'row row row your boat' and 'merrily merrily merrily'. Wow. What the H? How did this happen?? :> :>

I think we often take communication for granted. At least, in my nuclear family we do. Get upset with someone and the communication line is cut off. Dead. Or, selectively functional. But Nui Nui is a reminder of how valuable our thoughts, feelings, needs, whatever are. 'Nai nai' (milk)— I'm thirsty. 'Lap'— I want to eat my oranges with you. 'Hot'— I can't take a shower, this water is burning. 'Bed'— I'm tired. 'Ice cream'— gimme something delicious! 'Momma'— person who's been there since day one and will come at my beck and call :> 'No'— NO! :> 'Jacket'— what I need to go out. 'Towel'— I want something to play with while I take a shower. 'Aquafor'— let me put it on. 'Finished'— I need toilet paper. 'iPad'— you people are boring, there are way more interesting people and things on youtube... :> And the list goes on and on. One word and it's like a whole sentence. Talk about effective communication :>

Phew. I am impressed with Nui Nui's language, not that I have anyone to compare her to aside from herself :> Sigh, definitely one of those #sobigsofast.

This past week, Nui Nui has been stretching. As Mom describes it, she grows long and thin and then slows down and pudges out and then the cycle all over again. Nui Nui is in the former phase. Here she is on Sunday, rocking her cheetah-print pants. Check out her feet— strength :>

How do you effectively communicate? Share below, we'd love to hear! :>

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