Monday, March 4, 2013

It's The Little Things...

Rough weekend.

It all began with Nui Nui waking up at 6:21am on Saturday morning. I thought it was because she went to school on Thursday and it slightly messed up her schedule. So, despite how tired I was, I gave her a shower in the morning. I actually prefer showering her in the morning vs. evening— she tends to be more calm and mellow in the morning. As I was about to wash her hair, I realized the night before I was thinking about taking her swimming. I don't know, spring fever maybe?

So I decided to take advantage of actually being up earl, taking my time with breakfast and getting ready, and took her. We had fun at first but then she got cold so we left early. That's where the trouble began. I realized after the fact that maybe she wasn't fully recovered. Maybe she was just 95%. What ensued was her fever. Not quite as high as 102degF but hovering around 100degF.

Later that day I walked out of my room, with laptop in hand, and saw Nui Nui and Mom both asleep on the couch. I was relieved because I was exhausted from swimming and happy because they looked so cute. Two seconds later I heard a whack and found myself on the floor. My laptop whacked the hardwood and I the carpet runner. I looked up to see someone had left a bag obstructing an already-narrow path. Someone was right there and didn't even ask if I was ok. Someone simply just moved the same bag that tripped me and killed my computer back to its original spot of path-obstruction. I layed on the ground breathing heavy, not believing what had just happened. I think when you fall, you never believe it. Or I don't anyway. If only... is the playback that repeats in my head. More concerned than my bruised hip was my computer. Frozen then dead on restart. Computer loss is always tragic.

Sunday at the Apple Genius Bar confirmed my dread and here I sit, thankfully at my Mom's computer, but still with potential memories lost while I wait to see if my time machine can revive my replaced hard-disk.

All of this makes me wonder about all the pictures and videos we make. What will become of our digital works centuries from now? Where are all those servers? How backed up are we really? ...that's not to say that picture photos are forever either but... still...

Sigh. So Sunday we missed a birthday party because Nui Nui still had a slight fever and was low energy and I didn't want to get an infant who would be there to catch Nui Nui's germs. So Nui Nui came we me to the Apple doctor. As we were walking back to the car, despite how tired she was by then, she saw these balloons and released her hands from mine and Pau Pau's and went to go to the balloons attached to a store sigh. The sign even had a picture of Elmo on it. She hugged the balloons and scratched Elmo's face. She was really happy to have spotted these things.

Even the little things can make us happy when we're down. Nui Nui reminds me of that. Despite the looping in my head about the loss of my harddrive, at least it wasn't Nui Nui I was carrying. Despite feeling sick and tired, even a ballon in the wind can get us excited.

Nui Nui is such a joy in our life. Every day I am grateful. And every day I continue to learn and grow with her. There will be bumps and bruises along the way but it is what you do and how you handle those bumps that can make you stronger. #mantra I wish I were one of those ever-smiley faces who fart rainbows daily without effort. I continue to wish and strive to show Nui Nui both she and I can happily be :>

What little things make you happy? Share below, we'd love to hear! :> :>

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