Friday, October 30, 2015

A Look At Tummy Time Close Up - Sisters [MOMLIFE]

Tummy time is one of Nui Nui's favorite times, which is a little surprising since the baby inevitably will eventually get frustrated and cry. But Nui Nui is so supportive and encouraging, and so excited when the baby lifts her head. It's even actually one of the things that can get Nui Nui to immediately stop and jump away from whatever she's doing, including the iPad.

It's so interesting to see children's reactions to small babies. When they hear a newborn's cries, they identify them, want to see them, ask questions about and touch them. I never knew this but have experienced it firsthand now, since I was in my final trimester and ongoing. What fun it is and how thankful I am that Nui Nui can have a sibling, who she loves and is so proud to have.

Love my girls, my little warriors. This is family. xo

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