Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Hand That Claims The Mother [MOMLIFE]

Ok, let's talk about this photo for a minute, shall we? :>

One of Estéanna's favorite sleep positions is putting her hands up to her face, all cute-like (see below). That's where her hands were before the above pic. 

Then, I adjusted my sitting position. And, when I did, was when she moved her right hand to my chest.

Baby's are smart and being so intimately close to them is the funnest part about being a mom.

Estéanna loves being held. And if/when she thinks there's a threat of being let go of, she will peep open her eyes to check to make sure I'm still there or, like in the pic, will place her hand to claim her territory. Nui Nui did the exact same thing.

Very cool and why I named this video Something I Love About Breastfeeding. xo

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