Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Little [Side] Pony! [HAIRSTYLE, KIDS

Nui Nui's favorite character set has recently been My Little Pony. She's been collecting the miniature figures that primarily come in blind bags.

Today, we saw a little girl at lunch with a bunch of the medium-sized ones and I was naming those ponies left and right like a pro. You know your kid is into something when you can name all the characters. Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack... The passion is real. 😂

Mom thinks they're like the Britney Spears for kids, as they sing their poppy songs. I remember liking MLP when I was a kid but don't remember them singing or much about them. Then again, I didn't have an iPad.

Here's something I appreciate about them, though. They fuel my daughter's interest in singing-- she doesn't like dance so I'll take the singing! :> Last night she sang karaoke-style, following lyrics, learning new songs, and singing along, promoting literacy and strengthening her reading (and vocal!) skills. It was quite a trip to watch :>

So, this morning, I teased her about putting her hair up, as we were in the bathroom, doing our morning routine and getting ready for the day. She never likes her hair up. Ever. But I put her hair in a side ponytail and the only way I could tell her to keep it in for just a few seconds longer was for us to take a selfie while she was an MLP herself!

And there you have it-- a rare side pony, a beautiful teethy smile, and some blur, as I need to up my left-handed selfie game! xo

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