Sunday, October 25, 2015

Reteaching What My Daughter Learned In School [MOMLIFE]

I wish I could say my daughter is a romantic but, instead, she's been hanging out with boy toddlers in school and this is what she had to say about these dinosaurs:
'Mama, look! They're tongues are fighting!'

Yesterday actually got me a little concerned about the boys she's recently been hanging out with. I'm guessing this happened during optional dance class, which she is not taking (despite my hope for her to) while every other girl in the class is. Ok. Gender stereotype, I know, that's why I didn't force her to take it and she's not.

Everyday, we make it a habit to talk about our day during dinner. She was excited to talk about hers. 

She began:
I played with [Boy1], [Boy2], and [Boy3]!
Me: O, cool! What did you guys do?
Her: We made weapons!

Yikes. This is not the first time this has happened and made me uneasy. It was a different school and a kid who had older brothers. She became besties with a girl for a while so this hadn't come up again until now.

Other than these kids, there would be no reason why she would know anything about things of this nature-- guns, weapons, 'psh psh psh'.

Unfortunately enough, amongst other things, she's learning about things that kill-- in school, no less. I'm pretty upset about it but this is amongst the first bitter tastes of reality that this is the world we live in and I just cannot protect her forever from knowledge of these things. So, we've started to begin to unlearn or reteach things at home, as I try to keep the conversation open and flowing and learn about what she's picking up out in the big scary world when she isn't with me. xo

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