Sunday, October 4, 2015

First Time Holding Baby Sister! [MOMLIFE]

Nui Nui has been a rockstar kid and big sister ever since her baby sister has arrived.

I read/heard these stories about how others prepared their first child for when they brought their second one home— a resounding GET A GIFT to distract them and make them feel special or whatever, was the message I got. And so I did. Along with birthday shopping, I got her one of her requested birthday or xmas gifts— a Doc McStuffins Medical Kit.

But, honestly, she didn't really need it. So far, even as I write this, a week after the baby was born, Nui Nui has not displayed any jealousy. Granted, I haven't had my usual energy and had to a couple of times say 'later' when Nui Nui asked for me to play with her or take her outside, but she wasn't crushingly disappointed (at least I didn't think so, or hope not) and other than that, we're good.

Instead, to spend time together, we do things from the couch, whether it be watching a movie together or reading a book, or even building things together (yesterday it was shelf from this Black & Decker construction kit I got her this summer).

The day after I arrived back home, the second she heard the baby cry in the morning, she immediately ran into my room to see the baby. She brought her Mama Tigger, her favorite stuffed toy, in with her to show and comfort the baby.

Throughout the day, she continued to show more love— asking what she can do to help and offering suggestions of what she can do (feed, bathe, and push her on the swing at the park :>). When I changed the baby's diaper, she came by to again offer her help and then began to talk to the baby and hold her hand. She said, 'Can you say my name? Michelena. Mi-che-le-na. It's easy.'

Needless to say, I'm very proud of the girl I am raising. I couldn't be more happy or lucky. Going forward, it'll be double the fun.

Finally, we got a moment before bed and Nui Nui held the baby for the first time. She did a great job. Her response after the few shots I took below: 'Mama, can you take her? She's kind of all wiggly.' Baby was hungry but Nui Nui held her like a pro :> xo

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