Sunday, October 11, 2015

Two Weeks Old! - The Connection Is Alive [MOMLIFE]

Flew solo for the first time today with the girls. Since its a long weekend and Nui Nui doesn't have school on Monday, I've been trying to make it a point to spend time with her while going out. 

I can too easily spend my day at home: sleep, nurse, eat, repeat.

We didn't do anything fancy. Nui Nui changed her mind on what she wants to be for Halloween, so we went to get the new materials. I'm actually cool with it, hoping this new character will be easier to make. Watch out for a DIY :>

Here's Nui Nui giving her baby sister a little lovin' on our lunch outing.

On our way home, baby was not happy-- she's still getting used to the car seat. So Nui Nui and I sang her some songs, which surprisingly actually calmed her down for the moment.

Then, just now, right before writing this, I changed the baby's diaper and Nui Nui came and followed me. While Nui Nui was talking, the baby was listening intently. 

Reminded me of when she was in my belly. Oftentimes, when Nui Nui and I were together, ie. reading a book or talking, the baby would start to kick. I'm convinced she heard Nui Nui and wanted to be part of the convo.

Now that we're all on the same playing field, the connection can be two-/three-way. My hope now, going forward, is that the connection keep alive and grow stronger as they do.

Love these girls with all my heart. I know it's already been two weeks but, still, I cannot believe I've finally reached my destination. xo

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