Saturday, October 10, 2015

'I Think The Baby Needs You' [MOMLIFE]

This kid.

I don't quite understand the pleasure of transferring a bunch of stickers from sheet to paper but will go with it. In my head, I think, 'Ok, working on fine motor skills and enjoying it.' Thank goodness for dollar-deal sticker pads :>

On another note, this girl continues to wow and amaze me. It's the little things. Always the little things that never feel little.

Today in passing, as if nothing, she said, 'Mama, I think the baby needs you'.

And the thing is, is that she was right. Moreover, it IS nothing. Or shouldn't be. As I mentioned in a previous post(s), I was so silly to think she would automatically be jealous when the baby comes. And I'm even sillier to continue to think that she eventually will be.

No, she won't be, I have to remind myself. Because there's no reason for her to be. Or, at least, I try not to give her any anyway.

Mom told me she asked Nui Nui when she picked her up from school today if she wanted to return the baby back to the hospital-- so random, I know. She told me Nui Nui said no. Because she's part of our family. 

Again, she's right. We ARE family. We are a unit, a package deal, a team. This is a concept I continually drill into her and one that I love we are. Dreams do come true. Dream team. xo

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