Monday, October 19, 2015

Dad's Day At School [MOMLIFE]

Spent the morning with Nui Nui at her school. Don't ask me why but today was Dad's Day, where dads (and I) were invited to spend an hour with the kids doing various activities together.

There were three activity tables set up— one where you could make bracelets out of beads, another coloring in a picture frame, and another bedazzling a paper tie. I honestly don't understand the tie thing for dad-related events at school— I've seen the craft project done before— that is, on Mom's Day will the kids get to bedazzle high heels?— but whatever.

Although I still don't think it was necessary for me to, I made sure to ask, this time around, whether I could come, to avoid any possible undesired issue. The teacher was totally chill about me coming, as I would expect. Thank goodness, right?

Nui Nui chose to make a bracelet at first. Once that was done, she wasn't interested in either of the other two organized activities and wanted to play with the toys instead.

We headed toward the play area and she asked if I could get on the floor. This is really interesting, as Mom has had difficulty doing so since her surgeries and has, I guess, somewhat limited some of the things they could do together, like play with train tracks. It's amazing to see how cognizant and considerate Nui Nui is.

She first went to the megabloks and animals. She built a like a pro and then identified some animals, including a gazelle and a llama. I was really impressed she knew those animals and even more so when she totally cleaned up all the pieces when she was done :> I asked her if she could do the same at home.

Then, she headed toward this ice cream toy and built a cone with four scoops.

Nui Nui was so happy about this Dad's Day and so happy I and the baby! could come. She got out of the car yelling, It's Dad's Day! It's Dad's Day! She eagerly asked when we left the house and on the carride if she could show everyone the baby.

I was admittedly slightly nervous about bringing the baby. One, would she cry the whole time? Two, would she pick up any germs?

On the way to the school, the baby cried the entire way but surprisingly, literally, the second we walked in the school, she stopped and fell asleep. Literally. Then, she slept for nearly the entire time we were there— through the activities and the storytime that followed. Then, as everyone was gathering around for the kids to sing, she began to cry. I didn't even hear her. Nui Nui turned to me and said, 'Mama, the baby is crying'. So, of the whole event, I missed the one thing I wanted to see Nui Nui do.

I tried to quickly pop the baby on my breast and head back to the circle but when I got back, it was too difficult to get back to Nui Nui, who was sitting on the floor. So, I don't have any footage of that.

Hopefully, Nui Nui still had a great time. From the pics below, I think she did. xo

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