Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tummy Time Has Begun! [MOMLIFE]

Estéanna had her two-week checkup yesterday and the girl is thriving :>

She regained her birth weight (plus some) while being exclusively breastfed (EBF). I walked out of the office so happy and so proud, and so amazed that my boobs are actually functioning the way they're supposed to. Sounds silly, I know, but I didn't EBF with Nui Nui because she initially (in the first days of life at the hospital) didn't have the minimal amount of soiled diapers desired. I could tell, too, that she was hungry, as she downed the formula once it was given to her. 

So, with Nui Nui, it was half and half-- half breastmilk, half formula. And, at the time and all these years, I thought it was because I have small boobs, which couldn't produce enough to support life. Now thinking about it, it's not the case. I think what happened is that I just didn't know how to properly breastfeed, especially initially in those first crucial days.

It is what it is though. Nui Nui ended up being ok and I think that's all that matters.

Anyway, so everything with E checked out ok. I asked the doctor about exercise. She looked at me confused, thinking I myself wanted to exercise while holding her. Um, no.

When she realized I meant exercise for the baby, she lit up and said yes, that was on her two-week-visit agenda. She called it 'tummy time' and advised to do it three times a day for five minutes to begin building her neck muscle strength.

I tried putting her on her tummy the night before but this is what our sesh looked like today. She was good for a little bit but eventually wanted to eat the floor.

And so begins a new journey, where we both continue to build our strength. xo

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