Monday, January 28, 2013

A Cinderella Story

It's been a while since writing... My eyes needed a break, I guess you can say, after they get sliced and lasered— aka. after getting Lasik. I experienced/have been experiencing nausea, which is the worst of it, but am not sure if it's from the Lasik or germs from the office. Either way, it's pretty darn miserable. I got some of my appetite back today (barely, though) and made it through an entire work and school day, so I think I'm on my road to recovery...

As for my eyes, I don't see crystal clear yet but think my eyes are on their way. The overall trend is better, I think, though my bloody eyes have left many concerned and even myself self-conscious. 'I'm not diseased, I had Lasik', is what I want to tell them. That or, 'I was in a catfight', which I have already :>

Anywho, Nui Nui continues to grow bigger, smarter, and more beautiful. Some latest developments: 'up and down'; playing with other kids— today, for example, picking up a ball and handing it to a boy, who kind of seemed clueless and or didn't want it; not crying after I leave as long as she doesn't see me leave, which has been kind of going on for a little while; saying 'thank you' to her teacher; continuing to identify 'hot' and 'cold', which is really helpful on my end; knowing nearly (if not all) every part of our daily routine, including setting the dinner table to washing her feet at night; letting me know she played with bubbles today in school. I asked her what she did today and she responded bubbles. I thought she was 'joking', er, didn't really know what she was talking about and just saying the word because she just took a shower but then I read her daily report and there, in fact, it did say she played with bubbles! How crazy amazing??

Looking at her today, she's grown so much. Mondays, I'd say are the toughest. After a weekend together, I always miss her the most on Mondays. Plus she's not with Pau Pau.

So anyway, I haven't been on my computer since my surgery and am trying really hard to get back into the swing of things. Finally posting this video here... again, my, how much she's grown! I swear I'm so thankful to have video, else I'd totally forget what she looked like... eating my own words, I shouldn't ask why my mom doesn't remember things about me when I was young... :> :> #ancient :>

So I slept nearly all weekend— productive for my eyes, not much for this story... What did you do this weekend? Comment below, we'd love to hear! :>

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  1. Glad you are feeling better! Once you are back to 100% we can have breakfast or go to the park with the kiddos!! When does M start her new school?


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