Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sweet Sixteen!

There's so many things that's been happening within these last few days of fifteen...

I started weaning Nui Nui off the bottle on Monday. By 'weaning', I mean cold turkey. She started biting them to the point that she broke two, so that was a sign (for me at least). I know many her age have been off the bottle for a while but it just wasn't something I felt the need to drive. So far so good. The thing is, is that she knows how to drink from a sippy cup, a straw, a regular cup, even a plate! (The latter is for the leftover juice from the oranges she eats).

Yesterday, we received news that she was accepted into a school I applied her for (one out of two, and my top choice at that). I was kind of in shock, I have to admit. I called the directora today asking if we could do part-time and a-ok! She's in! Omg, this is just the beginning...

Nui Nui continues to amaze us with her language and knowledge of everyday things— fixing the rug when it's folded, identifying hot and cold (and saying it!), cheers-ing cups and drinking after, taking toys out and knowing how to put them away (though that's not always the route she takes), and letting us know she wants us to 'sit there'! :>

Happy Birfday, Babe! Toot toot! Momma loves :> pieces!

What are the latest developments in your life? Comment below, we'd love to hear! :>


  1. Happy 16 months sweet beautiful girl!! WOW! she's going to school soon? So we won't be seeing you at KC anymore? :(

    1. I'm hoping KC is not the end all and we'll continue our weekend adventures, for sure! :>

    2. Yes, we will def have more weekend adventures :) When is your lasix? Maybe we can get breakfast on Sunday if you are up to it


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