Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Fast And The Furious Puzzle Nerd :>

I just tweeted this: 'Rice', 'ring', 'help me', 'off'... add these to Nui Nui's vocabulary :> #15months #food #playingwithmommasbracelet

Nui Nui is learning fast and furious, I can barely keep up :> Or maybe I just plain old can't :> :>

I know it's true and obvious but it really doesn't hit you until you're actually a parent or at least around a child as much as a parent is— children are sponges!, as Mom points out. They really are. Everything you do, say, have, eat... they absorb all of it. That's one of the reasons why parenting makes you a better person, I think. You are thrown into role model-dom. I strive to be constantly-laughing, bubbly, healthy, energetic, social, patient, intelligent, creative, confident, strong as can be because that is the kind of woman I hope to raise.

Smart, intelligent, energetic, healthy, laughing, and lovable... here, I present you... :>

What kind of person do you strive to be and/or raise? Comment below, we'd love to hear! :>

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