Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY Baby Gift - Book Of Awesome!

I finally finished making one of my best friend's book for her handsome, new baby boy! I was planning on getting this done before Baby Kolya arrived but despite his late arrival, I was even later! Ah well, no worries. As a result, I got to customize the gift even more! :>

I love DIY things, I just don't have a whole lot of time for them. I'm also not a perfectionist. There are a lot of really stellar craft bloggers out there— moms, no less, who get to do what they do for a living. #envy

But... I really wanted to make this gift extra extra special. Have you ever had one of those friends with whom you've been friends with since you were little? Whom you can go months, even years without speaking, yet easily pick up right where you left off as if no time has gone by? Who know you so well that it makes it easier than easy to not have to explain yourself? Who supports and remains with you through thick and thin no matter what? Who accepts you as you no matter how weak or how teased or how broken you've been?

I am unlucky in a lot of areas of my life (not trying to complain here, just sayin' :>). But this girl, ahem, woman, (though to me, we will always be girls :>) I am most lucky, most fortunate to have in my life. She is probably the third most important person in my life, next to Nui Nui and Mom. For the longest time, she was my 'in color', where everyone else was 'in black and white' (a My So-Called Life reference :>). A, if you ever read this, I heart you dearly, kiddo. Always. :>

Thank you, Serving Pink Lemonade, for the tutorial and inspiration.

Below you can watch my video showing you the book and check out close-up pics of the pages themselves.

Enjoy and thanks for reading/watching/consuming imagination and the world of possibility! :>

Who do you love, value, cherish, and why? Comment below, we'd love to hear! :>


  1. Your book turned out awesome! What a sweet thing to make for your friends baby. Thanks so much for sharing the link to your blog with me.


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